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Available Discounts

We provide an exceptional array of deeply discounted,

high-demand benefits for your patients and staff.

Our exclusive Patient Loyalty Program is designed to foster a positive top-of-mind impression of your practice among your patients. When you join, your patients gain access to a plethora of health and wellness perks, including exclusive discounts, rewards, informational resources, and unique opportunities—all curated specifically by their trusted dentist!

We believe in helping our clients build lasting relationships with their patients. That’s why we created our Wellness Club. By offering this affordable membership plan, dental practices can give their patients access to deep discounts on everyday expenses, which can add up to thousands of dollars a year in savings. Our loyalty program is easy to implement and requires no additional staff or resources. Simply promote it to your patients, and watch as they become more loyal than ever before.

Your patients will love your practice, not just for your great dentistry, but also for these amazing benefits!

Wellness Club

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