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About Healthier US

Healthier US was borne of the need to reduce chronic disease in America. Primary care is predominately considered to be exclusively by physicians, but dental practitioners also play an important role in helping people maintain good health. So what would happen if dentists were engaged with other practitioners to partner in the patient’s care? We - and many experts – believe that personal health would be improved … and healthcare costs would reduce!  Healthier US focuses on having dentists, physicians and other providers collaborating as a team to help people prevent and resolve illnesses. By linking people with their chosen providers on a personal, secure platform, personal health strategies can be best accomplished when everyone works together.


Our CEO, Dr. David Williams, has a long history in population health management.  He champions the mission of Healthier US and seeks to restructure the methods of olde by using technology to support provider/patient relationships focused on improving people’s health.


Our team includes world class talent partnering around the mission to revolutionize healthcare to achieve better health for all.


Working collaboratively with primary care physicians and dentists, you now have advocates dedicated to reducing your health risks.

With sponsorship by their dental and medical health homes, patients are connected to resources in the office, online and in the community.


Working with your local physician and dental practice, we make health resources more accessible – so that patients can get and stay Healthier.


Our Commitment


With our resources available to you, as the Dental Practice, you support your patients to embrace their health and find ways to maintain it.



Healthier US is committed to preventing chronic diseases at every stage of life.


We do this by promoting good nutrition, regular check-ups, early diagnostic tests and regular physical activity.


We work in places where people live, learn, work and play.

Embrace It!

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