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There's no health without oral health.


Oral Wellness refers to the overall health and hygiene of the mouth - including teeth, gums, tongue and other oral tissues. Aside from encompassing practices like regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups, it also includes maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits and having your dentist assess pathological trends in the mouth.


Our expert support services source providers with a winning formula … and the tools for improved outcomes and increased income.

Why Join

The Wellness Club is our patient loyalty program that keeps your patients with a positive top-of-mind impression of your practice. Your patients get access to dozens of health and wellness-related perks: discounts, rewards, opportunities, information, etc. which is exclusively available from their dentist!

Wellness Club

Your Patients will love you!...and they will tell their friends and family!

Our mouths have over 400 different types of pathogens (bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.)


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