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There's no
health without oral health.


The same plaque that develops on teeth is the same plaque that accumulates in arteries of the heart and manifests as heart disease. YES! Dental plaque travels through the bloodstream and ends up in other parts of the body … significantly contributing to chronic disease.


We recognize that dental care goes beyond achieving dazzling smiles; it plays a vital role in promoting overall wellness. Our commitment to DENTIMEDICAL INTEGRATION underscores this belief, emphasizing the connection between dental health and systemic well-being. By prioritizing dental practices that address broader physical health concerns, we empower oral health professionals to deliver more comprehensive care, effectively managing health risks and fostering a healthier nation.

The Healthier US Wellness Club is our patient loyalty program that gives your patients a positive, top-of-mind impression of your practice. Your patients get access to dozens of health and wellness-related perks: discounts, rewards, opportunities, information, etc. which is exclusively available from their dentist!

Wellness Club

Our mouths have over 400 different types of pathogens (bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.)

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