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With the dangers of chronic disease in America increasing from 40% morbidity rate only a few years ago to it's high today of 60%, steps must be taken to turn this tide.  We, at Healthier US, are working together with practices around the country in an effort to educate and nurture practice/patient engagement.

We are helping practices better engage with patients resulting in better health outcomes and higher profits.

How it Works


We recognize our health care system is flawed when it comes to identifying early onset of chronic disease.  Healthier US is designed to bridge that gap by working with dental providers to provide easy, quick screenings.  This will help the patient as well as making the practice more profitable.

This system will identify a medical home, as well as dental home, primary care provider, pharmacy, specialists and any other necessary medical professional.  These will all be captured in the mobile app the patient keeps and which is updated by the provider.

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